Speaker Bio:Linal Harris

Session Title: Blogging With A Purpose-How Blogging Transformed My Life

Linal Harris is a global entrepreneur, accomplished blogger, radio host, and certified life coach. He was the recipient of the Chicago Urban Roundtable’s 2012, 40 Game Changers under 40 award and The Chicago Defender’s 2013, Men of Excellence award.  Harris was also inducted into Triton College’s Alumni Hall of Fame in 2015.

Harris is also the former Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer, for U.S. Cellular®, where he developed and led talent enablement programs, diversity strategies and community outreach through the company’s affinity network groups. He was also responsible for the company’s supplier diversity strategies and third party programs.

Prior to taking a diversity leadership role, Harris assisted in the start-up and management of multiple call centers across the globe with efforts in countries like India, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala and Jamaica.  Over the past 15 years, Harris has held positions of leadership with a number of Fortune 500 companies, both domestic and international which has provided him a unique perspective on diversity and the impacts of globalization on achieving superior business results.

Harris is passionate about helping others. He continually shares his resources and time with inner city youth by volunteering and inspiring high school juniors and seniors to pursue further education. Harris’ passion for leadership is also evidenced in his radio show and blog inspirationalperspective.com, where he looks to challenge and help his readers and listeners, murder mediocrity™ and live their best life possible.  Harris is a skilled public speaker who has been called upon by universities and Fortune 500 companies to facilitate goal setting sessions and/or provide inspirational talks and presentations.

“We all have the power to influence great change…but if we ignore that power…to create change…we could miss an opportunity to change our city, possibly the nation, maybe the world. Don’t underestimate the ripple effect you have on the rest of our lives.” – An excerpt from “What’s Your Ripple Effect?” by Linal Harris

Harris is the founder of Inspirational Perspective Publishing, LLC and Insights 4 Life Coaching, LLC.