Speaker Bio: Lucrecer Braxton

Lucrecer is a podcaster, award-winning photographer and graphic designer, who seeks the light for the best self-portrait.

She has graced the stage at many conferences, sharing passionate, motivating messages with her audience. She has led workshops on relationship building, photography, blogging, podcasting, building communities online and pitching for speakers. 

As the host of the Hello Friend Podcast, Lucrecer introduces her audience to inspiring guests, through candid conversations where they offer a glimpse into how they live their most awesome lives. She is a hardcore podcast and live broadcasting connoisseur and enjoys not only listening, but sharing great information that help people grow, reclaim and own their personal freedom and power. 

Lucrecer is the Events Programming Manager for SheKnows and scouts the best speakers and developsdynamic programming for BlogHer and BlogHerFood conferences.  

She was born in Georgia and is a southern girl at heart. She loves on herself, loves on haters and has no problem calling out "hot mess" when she sees it.