Storytelling: How Blogging Transformed My Life presented by Linal Harris

Session Time: Saturday, July 16, 2016 at 4:45pm

In the session I would share my personal story of starting my blog back in 2011 as an uninspired global executive.

I committed to blogging once a matter what.

Despite many obstacles I kept that commitment through 2015.

As a result, I grew my blog to global proportions with readers and visitors from all over the world.

I secured my own radio show.

I received a promotion to VP, Chief Diversity Officer of my company, largely because the CEO noticed my blog which led to us building a relationship.

I was introduced to life coaching through one of my readers, resulting in me becoming a certified ontological life coach.

I left my job and started my own company.

Simply put...blogging changed my life.

I would share the story above along with the lessons I learned about consistency, persistence and being prepared for opportunity.

Questions this Session will Answer:

1. How to confront your fears about blogging.

2. What it takes to build and create successful blog.

3. How to leverage your blog for professional and business opportunities.