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Missed out on the 2014 conference? Check out video of the sessions at Blogging While Brown 2014.

2014 Conference Videos

How To Build A $100K Blogging Business
Jullien Gordon, and B.P.A.I.D.

Need to monetize your blog? Can't wait to get a million views a month? Well there are many ways to monetize your blog that aren't ad-based.Questions the session will answer:   How to create a business model that isn't just advertising-based? How do you build an email list by creating a valuable, yet free, "hook" for readers? How to use your blog to get speaking, coaching, and consulting opportunities

Six Ways to Make Six Figures From Blogging Without Ad Revenue
Lamar & Ronnie Tyler, Black and Married with Kids    

In this workshop the Tylers will demonstrate six different streams of revenue that bloggers can tap into, in order to create a six figure income, without ad sales. The Tylers will also give first-hand insight on how they've leveraged all six of these models to generate enough income to replace both of their full-time salaries. Questions this session will answer:  How can you make money from blogging without selling ads?  How can I make money if I don't have a ton of traffic to my site?  What are the seven steps that will turn a reader into a customer?

Email Marketing
Kendra Webb-Scott, Ideazio, Inc and

When it comes to conversions, email is still the most effective way to connect with your audience. Learn how to build a high quality email list and avoid wasting your time and credibility on ineffective email campaigns.  Hear about the keys to list-building and email marketing and learn the latest strategies for improving your email response rates.