Adria Richards

Speaker Spotlight: Adria Richards, Business Tech Consultant

Adria Richards is a Business Technology Consultant who solves business problems with technology solutions. An industry veteran, Adria’s passion for cutting-edge technologies has led her to partner with some of the largest companies in the business including Dell, Motorola, John Deere and Zendesk. Since launching her consulting firm in 2006, Adria has been recognized as a trusted voice in her field and has been called on by several media outlets including The Rachel Maddow Show, NPR, Computerworld, The Associate Press,, Black Enterprise and The Pioneer Press.

Adria’s mission — to make technology accessible —has kept her in demand as a speaker at blogging and technology conferences across the country including O'Reilly's Web 2.0, SXSW, Blogher, Blogging While Brown, Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Conference, Blogworld, Wordcamp and private speaking engagements with companies and organizations.

A great feature on Adria's blog,, is the monthly list of Upcoming Tech Events around the country. You can follow Adria on twitter @adriarichards

Adria is a featured speaker at Blogging While Brown 2012, June 1-2 in Philadelphia at the Chemical Heritage Foundation. She will be joined by Luvvie Ajayi and Scott Hanselman for a thought the thought provoking panel "Your Personal Brand: It actually IS all about you!" The trio will discuss how they developed three very different, very distinct, but demonstrably effective personal brands online.

Regular registration for Blogging While Brown 2012 ends May 7th. Register today!