Attendee Spotlight: Kelly Virella from Media Matters

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Our Attendee Spotlight is:

Kelly Virella who's blog is Media Matters

What do you hope to experience at BWB 2013?

I'm really looking forward to the opportunity to network with my fellow bloggers and panelists.

Why did you decide to start a blog?

It's so much better than a diary!

Are there specific types of bloggers you are interested in connecting with at the conference?

I'm excited to meet everyone, especially media bloggers, science and technology bloggers, political bloggers, race bloggers, literary fiction bloggers, film bloggers, music bloggers, and fine arts bloggers.

What are your top blogging tips for other bloggers?

1. Get it done. Set a regular writing schedule and stick to it.

2. Avoid burnout. Set a schedule that actually works for your life.

3. Grow it. Pick two or three bloggers with whom you have synergies and promote each other's work.

4. Sell it. To monetize your blog, you must set aside time where you focus only on that.

Where do you see you and your blog in 5 years?

My blog will continue to be a personal blog on which I discuss my entrepreneurial ventures. I hope to build my brand as a serial media entrepreneur who has more than book knowledge about what it takes to build a successful independent media brand.

Do you need something from your fellow bloggers to take your blogging to the next level?

I'm hoping to meet people who can help me grow my network in the black blogging community.

Do you have something to offer bloggers to help them take their blogging to the next level?

I have experience raising money for media startups, growing audiences, and overseeing advertising sales to large brands such as BMW. I'm also a front end web developer and an award winning journalist with 13 years of experience, including managerial experience. I have tips to share about raising money to build your business and I have tips for people seeking to build their journalistic credibility or those seeking to use blogging as a launchpad for a journalism career.

Welcome  to BWB !