Attendee Spotlight: Feminista Jones

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Attendee Spotlight is:

Feminista Jones who's blog is

What do you hope to experience at BWB 2013?

I'd like to meet and network with other bloggers. I'm always looking for more ways to connect with people who have the same passion that I do. I think these conferences are great ways to meet new people and share experiences, even connect and build bridges for the future.

Why did you decide to start a blog?

I wanted to be read. I wanted my voice to be heard. I needed an outlet to get my thoughts and feelings out. I wanted to share my experiences with the world and help others.

What are your top blogging tips for other bloggers?

1. Remain authentically you

2. Don't ever sell out

3. Do what you enjoy

4. Reach out to others; sell yourself well

Where do you see you and your blog in 5 years?

Eh, my blog is no longer my go-to place because of all of the other writing opportunities I have. I can see it transforming more into a centralized website for all of my endeavors.

Do you have something to offer bloggers to help them take their blogging to the next level?

Yes. I've gone from blogger to columnist, editor, and radio show host. I can offer tips/advice on how to expand beyond your blog, follow your dreams, and make money from writing. I can offer advice about connecting personality with writing and engaging an audience.

Welcome to BWB !