Speaker Spotlight: Wayne Bennett, The Field Negro

Wayne Bennett is an attorney in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He acts as a magistrate for the first Judicial District’s Domestic Relations Division and has his own private criminal defense practice. He is a member of the Philadelphia Bar Association, the Pennsylvania Bar Association, and the Domestic Relations Association of Pennsylvania. Wayne Bennett has written articles on child support and the state of urban families, and is involved with various civic charities, community organizations, and various boards in the Philadelphia area. He is the founder and publisher of the Field Negro which has received numerous awards, honours and has been featured in publications such as GQ Magazine, Essence, the New York Times; and the Los Angeles Times. Wayne Bennett has appeared on NPR’s News & Notes, the Eric Dyson Show, The Walter Olney Show, and various other news programs. Wayne is married and resides in Northeast, Philadelphia. Follow Wayne on Twitter@fieldnegro.

Wayne is a featured speaker at Blogging While Brown in Philadelphia, June 1-2, 2012 at the Chemical Heritage Foundation, on "The Brothers of Blogging: Making it in a Woman's World" panel.

Research indicates that women are more active on social media than men.  The social media age has lead to an increase in the numbers of women with independent publishing platforms.  In one of the few areas in technology where women may be dominant, what’s it like to be a man?  How do brothers thrive in a blogosphere dominated by women? Are black male bloggers pigeon holed into blogging only on particular subjects? What unique opportunities are available for Black male bloggers? Four dynamic gentleman come together to explain their unique experiences as men in a blogosphere that, at times, appears dominated by women. 

Wayne Bennett of The Field Negro, Darryl Frierson of From Ashy to Classy and Slim Jackson of Single Black Male come together in a panel moderated by author and social media pioneer Shawn P. Williams of Dallas South News.