Aymar J. Christian

Speaker Spotlight: Aymar J. Christian, New Media & TV Researcher

Aymar Jean Christian researches new media and television at the University of Pennsylvania. He edits two blogs, his personal site, Televisual and Hacktivision which is supported by Quinnipiac University. Aymar has been published in mainstream outlets such as The Wall Street Journal and BusinessWeek and blogs including Racialicious, Tubefilter and AfterElton. 

Aymar is a featured speaker at Blogging While Brown June 1-2, 2012 in Philadelphia. He and fellow presenter Erin J. Bailey, will present “More than Words: the Power of Images & Video” This breakout session is part of our monetization track sponsored by BlogHer.

“More than Words: the Power of Images & Video” will focus on the next wave of web monetization, video.

“Increasingly, filmmakers are creating original, episodic video for the web, bypassing traditional film and television. Yet most of these series are not monetizing their content. This presentation will be an overview of some of the revenue-generating strategies for Black content online, including: sponsorship, product placement/branded entertainment, ad networks, crowdfunding and subscription. Particular attention will be paid to utilizing Black blogs, social networks and channels (Hulu-style video networks as well as You Tube) for increasing content scale,” says Aymar.

Follow Aymar on Twitter @aymarjchristian.

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