Keynote: Blog, Build, Sell: How to Turn Page Views into Dollar Signs, Presented by Arsha Jones

We are so proud to announce our 2016 Entrepreneurship Keynote. She's a multi-time Blogging While Brown speaker and a serial online entrepreneur. She knows what she's doing! 

About the Session

For many people, blogging is their gateway into entrepreneurship. As the industry continues to evolve, however, it’s time to start thinking beyond the blog as the sole strategy for building a profitable business. Driven by the personal experience of Arsha Jones, founder of For the Creatives, LLC, this presentation will give you the tools you need to turn your page views into dollar signs with e-commerce.

Specifically, attendees will learn how to leverage their blogs into bigger opportunities, better serve their built-in audiences by creating tangible products, and tips on how to make the transition into e-commerce a seamless one that fits their brand.

About Arsha Jones

Arsha Jones is a creative soul with a penchant for marketing, sales, technology, social media, and popular culture. An emerging leader in the e-commerce industry, she has built multiple, highly profitable brands, one of which has seen revenues approaching nearly a quarter of a million dollars in less than two years.

Known for her quiet demeanor and business prowess, Arsha’s brands have been featured in or on media outlets such as Buzzfeed, The Washington Post, Black Enterprise, FOX, CBS, and TV One. Her website, is where she endeavors to teach others how to turn their passions into profit with physical products. When not building her e-commerce empire, you can find Arsha spending time with her husband and children, enjoying a juicy nap or delicious bowl of ice cream.