Attendee Spotlight: Rogue Style Maven by Danielle Washington


Rogue Style Maven by Danielle Washington



What do you hope to experience at Blogging While Brown 2015?

I would like to build stronger connections in the blogging community and learn from others. 

Why did you decide to start a blog?

I've always had a passion for storytelling and after I quit my corporate job and went rogue, I wanted an outlet to share my experiences and maybe help others discover new things. 

When people come to your blog, what will they find?

They will discover a quick-witted girl who is possibly obsessed with finding her go-to-drink and focuses on exploring a new and not a recycled perspective on food, dating, music, travel and fashion. 

Do you have something to offer bloggers to help them take their blogging to the next level?

Years of experience in event planning for those potentially organizing retreats or special events.

Where do you see you and your blog in 5 years? 

I'm not sure where me and my blog will be in 5 years, but I hope we'll both continue to explore new experiences and live a rogue lifestyle. Isn't that what makes life interesting? 

See you in Austin!