5 Great Posts to Get You Focused for 2016

Thanks to @wmngamechangers, @jlmacp , @TheLivingSource, @msmalcolmhughes , and @travelquips for participating in our Resolutions Blog Carnival.

Let's start 2016 off on the right foot!

  1. New Years Resolutions Are A Joke - Essentially people write down resolutions due to the hype surrounding it. However, most never even do anything about making those resolutions a reality. But a goal is different. This post discusses the differences between the two. Women Are Game Changers
  2. Finish WELL! - "Finishing WELL" is about not assuming that the remainder of this year is "a wash", there's still a lot that can be accomplished! However, sometimes when we make up our mind to begin something new, we tend to overwhelm ourselves with thoughts of everything that it will take, from beginning to end, to get the project done. So, this post provides only a few actionable steps that someone can use to put their faith into action and get started, today. Living Out Loud
  3. About That Life You Crave - This post focuses on vision boards, affirmations & other strategies that help us energize and accomplish our goals. It also offers a strategy for intensifying the effect of these more commonly practiced methods. The Living Source: Life in 4-Part Harmony
  4. My Only Goal for 2016 - The post details my simple strategy to be successful in 2016, which is to maintain my sanity. For Your Black? Conscious
  5. Resolution for 2016: TRAVEL! - Why you should set travel related New Year's Resolutions and how to accomplish them. Travel Quips