Attendee Spotlight: Independent Underground News & Talk by Monica RW

Our Attendee Spotlight is:

Independent Underground News & Talk by Monica RW   

What do you hope to experience at Blogging While Brown 2014? 

Information on Monetizing our Blog and Podcast - Independent Underground Radio LIVE. Also, possible introduction to venture investors in particular for our podcast -- which averages over 100K listens and downloads per month.

Why did you decide to start a blog?

After being laid off in May of 2008, I decided to write about my experiences as a long-term job seeker. From there, the blog converted into an advocacy point of reference for what was then termed as "The 99ers" -- individuals receiving or had exhausted Federal Unemployment Benefit extension -- and their efforts to return into the workforce. 

From there, our podcast originally named Reach Out Job Search -- started October 2010 as another advocacy point for motivating and presenting opportunities for career change and coaching. 

In 2011, we realized that truly advocacy could not happen without evoking change on the political aspect. Thus, we changed the name of our podcast to Independent Underground Radio LIVE -- were we regularity interview finance, economic experts, political officials, activists and consultants on subject manners ranging from state and federal legislation to causes for supporting the empowerment of America's Middle/Lower economic classes

When people come to your blog, what will they find?

News, articles and information about what Independent Underground News & Talk advocates, along with resources to research pending State and Federal Legislation. Furthermore, information on how to connect into our podcast via Stitcher, Soundcloud, iTunes, Blubrry, Blog Talk Radio and Learn Out Loud is readily available.    

Who are your blogging heroes?

The Young Turks, Ring of Fire, The Minority Report, Norman Goldman and Tom Athens -- the Co-Founder of former Air America Radio.    

Do you need something from your fellow bloggers to take your blogging to the next level?

Support -- Sharing Information or Cross Posting in the Social Media Sphere, developing partnerships with Bloggers (Business Owners) ready to take their venture to the next level.     

What do you have to offer blogger to take them to the next level?

our podcast - Independent Underground Radio LIVE where we average over 100K listeners per month. We would enjoy opportunities to work with fellow Political or Opinion Bloggers for Monthly Guest Feature interviews on our program.

What are your top tips for bloggers?

Realize that this is a tough business with competition. Develop a niche. Brand and nurture your Blog. Remember blogging in most cases is not a "get rich or get noticed" venture right away. It will take time. Focus on the content and delivery -- then the awards will come.

Where do you see you and your blog in 5 years?

A full time media resource with News delivery, web video content plus our flagship podcast on a similar to the success The Young Turks have achieved.


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