June Blog Carnival: Father's Day Edition

I first heard about Blogging While Brown last year after it was over, and knew I didn't want to miss getting involved this year. I heard so many people talking about it, and blogging about, and tweeting about it that it immediately went on my "must attend this conference" list.

To make it even better, I was selected to host this month's Blogging While Brown Blog Carnival and Twitter Chat.  And since Father's Day is in June what better time to hang with my fellow dads and talk about being a dad out here in the blogosphere. Mommy blogs have been the pioneers in this space, but dad bloggers are representing in 2014, too.

The weak Father's Day gift

A chat about and with dads is a great way to show dad bloggers and dads in general some love as we get ready for Father's Day. Father's Day sometimes is an after thought, and the gifts that dads receive show it. I'm not pointing the finger at anybody but myself because I have to admit I've gotten my dad some pretty weak gifts.

You'd think as a dad that I'd go all out because I know how it feels to be appreciated, but year after year my gift ideas come at the last minute, if they even come at all. The thing is my dad doesn't make a big deal about it. And neither do I when Father's Day comes around. I typically tell my wife, "I just want to spend time with my family."

The power in blogging

That "no big deal" attitude has to change. It's okay for dads to want something, that they real want, for themselves. Whenever I think something has to change, I blog about it. Blogging and social media for me has not only been that outlet to share the things I care most about, but it has provided me an opportunity to create something valuable that can bring about change in the lives of others, even change to the way we treat Father's Day.

When I sit at my keyboard to write, I think about that dad or that husband who might be experiencing the same challenges I face, or that mom or wife who is having a hard time understanding what her man is going through. And my voice is not the only voice out here. Through blogging I've connected with many other dads who are doing the same thing.

The voice of the dad blogger

Now for the Blogging While Brown Blog Carnival and Twitter Chat, we are bringing our collective voices together. Check out some of the dads who are sharing about their lives in one of their most important roles, the role of dad.

In addition to what these bloggers have shared about their fatherhood experiences, we'll be chatting up it next week on Twitter. Be sure to join us!

I'm hosting the #BWBDads Twitter party on Thursday, June 12th, from 9pm-10pm EST (details on how to join are below). We'll be talking about life as a dad, and Father's Day. If you are a dad you'll want to join and share your ideal Father's Day and best Father's Day gift ever!

If you are a mom, you'll want to listen in so you can get some great ideas and make this Father's Day one of the best for the father of your kids. We'll also be giving away FREE Neflix subscriptions throughout the Twitter chat.

I'm looking forward to it all during the month of June as hundreds of brown bloggers from all over prepare to gather in New York for this year's annual Blogging While Brown Conference on June 27th and 28th.

If you haven't registered you need to do that ASAP. Click here to register. And keep in mind, a registration for Blogging While Brown is a great Father's Day gift idea for your favorite dad blogger.

How to join us at the Twitter party

  1. You'll need to have a Twitter account. If you don't have one you can sign up at twitter.com.
  2. It's a good idea to follow our Twitter accounts for upcoming info (@BWBConference@jbledsoejr).
  3. Beginners can follow along during the Twitter party here (Tweet Chat): http://tweetchat.com/room/BWBdads

Party details

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