Attendee Spotlight: Stefan Roots of The Chester City Blog

Our Attendee Spotlight is:

Stefan Roots who's blog is  The Chester City Blog

What do you hope to experience at BWB 2013?

Excitement and learning. 2012 Philadelphia was a great learning experience but because I was home, the excitement factor was lacking. New York City is an exciting place and I expect some exciting people will be participating just because it's New York. And, I've always wanted to go to the Schomburg Center.

Why did you decide to start a blog?

I was publishing a community newspaper and was getting tired of all the work it involved. When the local paper said they were looking for community bloggers, I took them up on the offer and morphed the paper into a blog.

Are there specific types of bloggers you are interested in connecting with at the conference?

Can I dare say, Men? As a man, my biggest thrill in Philly was meeting the few guys who attended the session, most of whom were presenters.

What are your top blogging tips for other bloggers?

Identity your target audience. Consistently offer good content. Let tech tools take your post to Twitter and Facebook. Incorporate video. Don't get hung up on the numbers.

Where do you see you and your blog in 5 years?

I'm really hoping someone takes over The Chester City Blog since I plan to leave the area soon. However, I will be creating new blogs with a far greater audience reach as I establish myself a subject matter expert. And, they will be built to earn income.

Do you have something to offer bloggers to help them take their blogging to the next level?

My blog is a partnership with the local newspaper of my community. Thanks to them, I have a much broader audience than I could have obtained on my own. If you are new, it's a great way to start. If you have an established blog, approach the local paper, especially if they already have an online presence. They want every new reader they can get. Aligning with the local paper also provides some legal protection which allows me some risk that I would not take if I were on my own.

Do you need something from your fellow bloggers to take your blogging to the next level?

I'll be launching at least two new blogs this year, one as an author and the other featuring community journalism. I'll be keeping a eye on other bloggers who discuss new trends in design, growing an audience, and corporate partnerships.

This is Stefan Roots second time at BWB! Welcome BACK!