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LIVE EVENT: October 9-11, 2015


Stop trying to figure out video on your own. We'll produce your video series for you in one weekend and then you're done. You'll walk away with professionally produced videos that signal to the world that you know what you're talking about. You'll stay up-to-date with the hottest trend in social media engagement - video. 

The program includes:

  • Professional Videographer who is going to shoot your videos in a cinematic style that looks exquisite.
  • Professional Editor so you won't have to worry about "ums and ahs" or adding titles, transitions and motion graphics to your video.
  • Professional Camera so you'll get an amazing image.
  • Professional Sound so you'll sound as amazing as you look.
  • Training by Chip Dizard so you can produce some videos on your own once you leave.
  • Teleprompter and Operator so you won't have to worry about memorization, you'll be able to read from your script when needed and look natural.
  • Director who will work with you before the live event to help you organize your concept and acquire the resources you need to execute your vision.

If you tried to produce an entire video series with a professional crew on your own, you'd spend at least $5,000 to $10,000.


By working with a small group of other content creators, you get to split the overhead costs of a professional production crew, equipment, studio time and instructors.

What's a Video Intensive Weekend?

It’s a two and a quarter-day live training and production program.  On Friday evening, you'll work on pre-production with your director and producer to translate your concepts and ideas into a production plan. On Saturday and Sunday, you'll shoot enough videos for at least eight, 8-minute videos.   A professional video editor will then edit your videos to include an eye catching introduction, motion graphics, titles, and transitions. We'll be filming in a professional studio with Chip Dizard in Baltimore, MD, October 9-11th.


Who's Leading This?


Chip Dizard, Videographer

Chip Dizard, Videographer

My name is Dizárd (pronounced Diz Hard), Damian “Chip” Dizárd. Still and moving photos are my passion; filming, editing, producing and distributing  them are the way I choose to express what I do.
What I love most is holding my camera and being the DP, director of photography, just like in films. It’s what I wake up thinking about everyday. My cameras are my tools; wedding & event  movies are my form of artistic expression.

My specialty is a stylish, slightly stylized video. I don’t want to simply record the events of the day in an obvious and plain way. I want to create a modern, clean, and interesting video. A video that will hold your interest every time, all the time.

I also have a love for education, and after working as the General Manager of Baltimore City Public Schools Education Channel 77, I currently teach media production for the school district. I also run an online video training site called Web Video Chefs with my business partner Amani Channel.

People ask me if I get tired of taking photos, filming and teaching. Absolutely not! I never tire of my art. When you work in your passion and you make a living doing so you are a blessed individual.
When I’m not working on editing  or teaching or creating tutorials I love going to movies, which, I suppose, is not a surprise. I also like playing golf, and of course, being with my family.




Gina McCauley, Director/Producer

Gina McCauley, Director/Producer

I am known by many names online. I'm Gina McCauley a.k.a. "The Blogmother." I excel in directing and producing -  I know how to turn visions into reality by collaborating with highly skilled professionals to execute the step necessary to achieve your goals.

 If you’ve been to a Blogging While Brown conference, you know that I know how to direct a team to get things done. However, I’m more than an event producer, I’m a filmmaker and web series creator. Which means I know about cameras, lighting and sound. I’ve edited video using Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, iMovie and Final Cut Pro. I’ve also climbed the mountains of pre-production and post production on multiple occasions so I know what pitfalls await and how to avoid them.

I know how to translate your ideas to the professional film crew using a language they understand.

Take a look at my first web series. I did it all on my own, and it shows :) Which is why I now hire professionals to shoot and edit my videos. I look froward to working with you.





September 25-October 7th - PRE-PRODUCTION MEETINGS with your Director about the vision for you project to assemble all of the necessary resources to get the video series of your visions.

  • Friday Evening - Pre-production meetings with the director and producer. Shoot B-roll footage
  • Saturday- Film with professional production crew.
  • Sunday - Film with professional production crew and return home. 


As you know, if you wanted to produce a video series with a professional crew on your own, it would cost you at least $5,000 to $10,000. By participating in the Video Intensive Weekend, you'll only pay $1,500.


Chip and I would love to talk to you about your plans for your web series. Email and we can chat about whether this intensive is right for you.