Student Discounts and Black Weblog Awards Scholarships

Student Economic Hardship Discount

If you are a full time college student or recent graduate who is experiencing an economic hardship, send an email to Lianne at bloggingwhilebrown [dot] com from your school address and tell her would would like to receive a student discount on a Saturday Day Pass. The cost of the Day Pass will be reduced by 50%.

Non-Student Economic Hardship Scholarship - Sponsored by the 2013 Black Weblog Awards

If you are experiencing an economic hardship and are  not a student, you can apply to receive a scholarship to Blogging While Brown 2013, Sponsored by the 2013 Black Weblog Awards.  Scholarships will be awarded until they run out or until June 10th, whichever comes first.. 

  1. You will need to post about why you would like to attend Blogging While Brown 2013 in New York City. Explain where you are in your blogging and how Blogging While Brown will help you meet your blogging goals. 
  2. You will need to link to a post from a previous attendee who discusses their Blogging While Brown experience.
  3. You will need to link to
  4. You will need to include one of our video highlight reels from the Blogging While Brown Youtube channel.
  5. Once you have posted to your blog, email the link to Lianne [at] bloggingwhilebrown [dot] com and if your post meets the criteria and you will be provided a code to receive a complimentary Saturday Day Pass.

Again, the deadline is June 10th or until all of the scholarships are handed out. 


We will not provide any guidance on how to obtain the information for your post or how to write it.